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I AM Radio is a Christian non-profit non-denominational commercial-free radio station located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We believe that music is a social medium that reaches out to believers and non-believers alike. We want to give people an alternative to the other pop-rock and contemporary media out there which promotes hopelessness, despair, anger, and lust. Instead we want to provide a message of hope and encouragement. There are many talented and committed Christian artists creating Christian Music and we hope to promote them and their message about Jesus Christ as a part of our ministry to the world..

  • I AM Radio was originally "THE WORD" Radio from 2000 to 2007 when we renamed it "University Community Radio" (UCR) as part of the University Community Church.
  • We renamed the station "I AM Radio" in early 2010.
  • In October of 2012 we split our format into 2 separate streams known as "I AM Christian Rock" and "I AM Christian Contemporary"
  • In October of 2019 we dicontinued the Christian Rock stream.

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Artists, Bands or their representatives can submit music to I AM radio for airplay consideration.

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We play a wide variety of Christian Contemporary Music including shades of Country, Gospel, Worship, R & B, Hip Hop, Pop, Soft Rock from Top Christian artists and new up and coming independent artists. We welcome new music that would be a blessing to our listeners. This is a ministry to us. If you hear a song with a message/lyrics that you do not like we would like to know about it. Please send us an email to: .

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Note: If you were using the IP address of our streaming server, it has changed to, it would be better to use the https: address below.

Alternative ways to listen to I AM Radio.

In the URL field of your browser or app type in the following URL: https://iamradio.radioca.st/stream
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New Music

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Contact Us

Contact Us

For any technical problems, suggestions, praise, (we really like praise;) send an email to:

For Christian bands wanting to be added to our Contemporay Christian playlist see the section "How to submit music to I Am Radio". For more information send an email to: .